THE ANNUAL FOOLS’ FLOTILLA:┬áIt’s a floating parade, a neighborhood party, a chance to show your love for the river.

This year’s event took place on Sunday, June 8th, 2014

Thank you to Ray Pfeiffer and Gina Bower of Komifoto for the wonderful images here!

The Fools’ Flotilla is hosted by the River Alliance of Wisconsin

Once a year, the small but mighty Yahara running through our urban neighborhood turns in to a celebration of water, art and music! Put on a costume. Dress up your boat, your kids, and the dog, too. Bring some instruments and play along with the floating bands!

The parade floats from the dam at Lake Mendota, under 9 bridges, to Yahara Place Park, where you’ll find all your neighbors hanging out at the Marquette Waterfront Festival.

The 2014 Fools FlotillaFools on the water Fools Flotilla under the railroad bridgeCanoe raft on the Yahara Looking down onto the Fools FLotillaFools Flotilla dumps into Lake Monona
People watching the Fools Flotilla 2014Fool paddlingFool paddlingJessica Becker in a canoe on the Yahara RiverFool on the YaharaFool on the YaharaFools on the YaharaFools on the YaharaYoung paddlers on the YaharaNordic fool on the Yahara RiverFool getting towed down the YaharaSpectators on the Yahara River banks clapping